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Hurricanes do not discriminate

Joseph Ierna Jr

In war there are guidelines as to how much force is used and when and where bombs are dropped, but in the path of a hurricane there is no discrimination. Everyone and everything is fair game.

The pictures below show the devastation of homes, livelihoods and societies. The one on top was caused by a hurricane, while the one below shows man-made devastation. These photos have many things in common, but one difference is that hurricanes affect everything in their path.

Whether rich or poor, black or white, Christian or Muslim, a military man or a fisherman, we are all feeling the effects of climate change and the major storm systems that are now roaming our planet. Though they are called ‘natural disasters’, in recent time these massive storms have been fueled by man’s addiction to fossil fuels, pollution and overuse of our natural resources.

Living on Long Island in the Bahamas, my family and I were fortunate this time around. Hurricane Irma dished out 80 to 100 mph winds with very little rain across the island. While Maria passed within 200 miles of our home, we ‘only’ experienced tropical force winds with squalls.

At Ocean Crest Alliance, we use our 35 years of experience with Category 3 to 5 storms in our philosophy, research and knowledge-sharing, as well as in our construction methods – and we are currently building an OCA Research and Education Facility,

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