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The Global Ocean Commission

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In 2013, the Global Ocean Commission was launched to raise awareness of the Ocean crisis and to promote action to help restore it back to full health. Its main focus was on the high seas- the two thirds of the Ocean that lies beyond countries’ national waters.

The Commission was made up of senior political figures, including former heads of states and ministers, business leaders and development specialists. It consulted and collaborated far and wide with Ocean stakeholders, including ocean users, governments, scientists, economists, business leaders, trade unions and civil society organisations.

The Commission published its main report and recommendations, “From Decline to Recovery: a Rescue Package for the Ocean”, in June 2014. The report included 8 comprehensive proposals for action: the need for an Ocean Sustainable Development Goal, stronger ocean governance rules, ending harmful fisheries subsidies, fighting illegal fishing, keeping plastics out of the Ocean, binding international safety and liability standards for offshore oil and gas drilling, the need for a global Ocean accountability board to monitor progress in implementation, and the need for high seas regeneration zones.

The Commission concluded its work in February 2016, delivering its final report “The Future of Our Ocean: Next Steps and Priorities”, that looks at the progress made over the 2 years since its initial report, and what steps are needed to ensure change on the water.

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