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World Ocean Summit and high-level Asamblea focus on delivering and financing Ocean health

The Economist’s World Ocean Summit will meet again for the 5th time, this year in Mexico from the 7–9th March. While 2017 was the year of “big promises”, as seen from all the voluntary commitments made at The Ocean and Our Ocean conferences, The Economist has said that “2018 must be about delivery”. The meeting will look at how to make sure these pledges by governments, industry and NGOs are turned into reality. After all the focus on high-level announcements, we are glad the attention will now be on implementation and accountability. ​

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From the 6–7th March, Ocean Unite will help convene the Asamblea del Océano Pacífico, an invitation-only high-level event held in conjunction with The Economist. It will bring together Ministers of Finance and Environment from North, Central and South American Pacific Rim countries to discuss “The Ocean in a Changing Climate”, and to encourage global leadership to put in place Ocean conservation measures that benefit people, economies and the planet. In recent years, some of these countries have taken great strides in Ocean protection with large-scale MPAs and action on curbing plastic waste. This meeting will hopefully help encourage the countries present to put in place futher policies, and funding, to help deliver concrete actions at the national, regional and international level. More on this as we get closer to the Summit.

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