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World Ocean Summit

The Economist’s World Ocean Summit in Bali is currently in full swing. Continuing with the theme of the role of the private sector as part of the solution to the Ocean crisis, this meeting will cast a critical eye on how to finance a sustainable Ocean economy. With limited public funds to finance the activity needed to effectively implement the SDGs – shifting the Ocean from its current path of decline to one of recovery – the private sector definitely needs to step up to this collective challenge. This summit hopes to mobilise a new and timely discussion on how capital and the private sector can drive scalable, sustainable investment in the Ocean, hopefully resulting in tangible actions and more $$$ flowing into Ocean protection and sustainability.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Ocean Unite’s “The Ocean: Everybody’s Business” campaign, as well as announcements of other Ocean initiatives, such as Ocean Unite Network member Adrian Grenier's partnership with Dell to reduce Ocean plastic – and follow the discussions in the room via twitter #oceansummit. Organisers have also appealed to people to share their most feared and most hoped for scenario for the Ocean. You can still include your own hopes and fears, and check out those of others at #OceanWorldif