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High seas discussions continue to navigate forward

On the 7th April the UN concluded round 3 of its preparatory meetings to discuss the draft text of a new agreement to protect high seas biodiversity. According to high seas veterans, the meeting “could not have ended on a better note”. A number of governments supported recommendations to be made in July, at the UN's 4th and final session on elements of draft text for a new legally binding agreement, which would enable the UNGA to convene an intergovernmental conference. The Chair is now requested to develop a new “non-paper” that streamlines his previous “non-paper”. (Don’t you just love UN speak?!). This is excellent news, so hopefully the next meeting won’t be a total “non-starter”!

You can find a detailed run-down of the meeting  at Earth Negotiation Bulletin’s excellent summary. If you want to find out more about high seas treasures visit MPAtlas.org’s new high seas mapper, and for a reminder on why this agreement is so important check out Belgium’s lead negotiator’s article.