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Being the butt of the joke with Stephen Colbert

Richard Branson – Last time I took on Stephen Colbert, we ended up attacking each other with fire extinguishers. This time, I was eager to play nice. I even had a present for Stephen… We got chance to discuss our past duels and everything from Necker Island to space travel. But the main reason I…
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Tracking illegal fishing vessels in West African waters

Duncan Copeland – We were driving down a water front road when we spotted a vessel anchored off the port of Lomé in Togo. It was painted a dull green, with a distinctive shaped bridge. Our analysts are familiar with many of the industrial fishing vessels that operate in West Africa – this one looked…
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Stop and ask yourself – what would the ocean say?

Clare Kelly – Filmmaker, James Cameron, and the Avatar Alliance Foundation recently debuted a new short film – "What Would the Ocean Say?" –  in the Hall of the General Assembly at the United Nations. The World Oceans Day launch took place during the first ever United Nations Ocean Conference – a week long event…
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