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Restoring transparency to the seafood marketplace

Sean Barrett – I have been obsessed with the ocean since not long after I crawled out of the cradle. My parents first met on July 20th 1969 (on a sandy strip of barrier island known as Dune Road) and I was born on that very same date a few years later – gifted with ‘SEA’ as…
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Tales of the Ocean

William Winram – Back in my high school biology class, one of our terms was focused on marine biology. The test scores for our class typically ranged between 50-88 per cent, not bad, but also not extraordinary. One day I arrived to class to find a rough-and-tumble-looking gentleman who was replacing our regular teacher for…
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A global plan to save coral reefs

Richard Vevers – Last December, I went on a diving expedition in Indonesia to a place called Raja Ampat. It is at the heart of the Coral Triangle and the epicenter of coral biodiversity. The reefs I saw there were immaculate. Healthy corals covered the reef for as far as the eye could see and…
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Happiness is being an ocean optimist

Elisabeth Whitebread – One of the things that makes me happiest is hearing about things that are going well in the world. People being kind to each other, forests being protected, rescued animals being released back into the wild. Who doesn’t love that stuff? There’s actually loads of evidence that sharing good news makes us…
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