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My journey from source to solution

Melinda Watson – @Melinda_RAW Plastic pollution has reached a crisis point, especially in the ocean. Despite growing awareness of the problem, the flow of plastic waste continues to increase exponentially – across the world. The vast majority of this originates from the land. This is contaminating precious water systems, threatening marine life, passing up the food…
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Salmon feed the trees that make the oxygen we breathe

Alexandra Morton – @alex4salmon I found Echo Bay on a wet October day in 1984 while following a pod of whales. It is a small bay nestled in a remote archipelago in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. Floating houses ringed the bay with woodsmoke curling out of the chimneys. My husband and…
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How one-by-one fishing protects the ocean

Ibrahim Nadheeh – Skipjack tuna are strong fish; with streamlined bodies built for speed and endurance. So strong in fact that hauling one from the water with a pole, hook and line sometimes requires two fishers. By skilfully manoeuvring the fishing gear whilst balanced on the back of the Nafaa dhoni (Maldivian fishing vessel), Zaheer and…
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Restoring transparency to the seafood marketplace

Sean Barrett – I have been obsessed with the ocean since not long after I crawled out of the cradle. My parents first met on July 20th 1969 (on a sandy strip of barrier island known as Dune Road) and I was born on that very same date a few years later – gifted with ‘SEA’ as…
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