Uniting and activating powerful voices for ocean conservation

About Ocean Unite

Uniting and Activating Powerful Voices for Ocean Conservation


Mission Statement

Definitive science and clear policy options point the way to what must be done to restore and protect marine life. But like many global challenges, the intelligence, science, policy knowledge and expertise is often fragmented and frequently does not reach the right ears at critical moments.

Ocean Unite has been set up to assist with this unique challenge: to unite and amplify impactful voices to secure a healthy and vital ocean.


One Planet, One Ocean

The Ocean is like the Earth’s circulatory system. It provides us with food, fresh water, energy, medicine and the oxygen in every second breath we take.

Now it is in trouble.

Despite the efforts of many respected civil society organizations and advocates, there is still an unacceptable level of degradation. Increasing demand for resources, technological advances, overfishing, climate change, pollution, biodiversity and habitat loss, alongside weak high seas governance and inadequate law enforcement, are all contributing to its decline.

High Impact Actions At Moments That Matter

The good news is that awareness and concern are escalating and the health of the ocean is becoming a greater concern for citizens and their leaders around the world.
Our goal is to place the ocean at the forefront of political consciousness; to deepen the recognition that the health of our ocean must be recognised as one of the 21st century’s prevailing challenges and opportunities;
and that it requires immediate attention.

By uniting these powerful voices Ocean Unite, will work to set in motion coordinated, high impact actions to get the key messages to the right people at the moments that matter.
The ocean can rebound. We need it to. Billions of us rely on it for food; half the oxygen we breathe, for transport, shipping, leisure, and spiritual solace.

Our Team

  • Karen Sack
    Karen is based in Washington DC and brings over 20 years of experience working for international non-governmental organizations on environmental...
  • Kristian Teleki
    Kristian leads Ocean Unite’s High Level Amplifier engagement work. Kristian was most recently the Director of Global Engagement for the...
  • Nathalie Rey
    Nathalie has almost two decades of experience working in environmental advocacy. She worked for over 15 years for Greenpeace International,...
  • Sophie Hulme
    One of the principals of Communications Inc., Sophie has nearly 20 years of experience in strategic communications. Comms Inc., is...
  • Brittney Francis
    Brittney is Ocean Unite's digital and social media manager and is a consultant for Communications Inc. Comms Inc. is an...

Advisory Committee 

Jose Maria Figueres – Co-chair                                                 Wolcott Henry – Co-chair
Simon Reddy – Global Ocean Commission                               J. Charles Fox – Oceans 5
Joshua Reichert – The Pew Charitable Trusts                           Jean Oelwang – Virgin Unite
Ann Colley – The Moore Charitable Trust                                  Lisa Speer – Natural Resources Defence Council
Shari Sant Plummer – Code Blue Foundation                           Gigi Brisson – Ocean Elders


Philanthropic Partners

Founders Circle Partners pledge to contribute a minimum of USD 100,000 per year for three years. Founders Circle members are also encouraged to use their voices, considerable influence and networks to assist with ideas and gatherings as well as suggesting potential influencer network members. 

Ocean Unite also partners with philanthropists and foundations to deliver on specific work plan deliverables and projects. At present, this includes a commitment from the Cornerstone Capital Group for general support and The Waitt Foundation in support of our work to help end illegal fishing